The London And District
Men's Dart League

Providing Competitive Darts In The London Ontario Area
Since 1946

Pricing table

2023/2024 Team Package Pick-up - Memorial Tournament

Both Teams and Singles schedules will be available at the Memorial Tournament  Thursday August 31, 2023

at the Victory Legion 7:30 P.M


$ 65 /Member


$ 25 /Member

900 OXFORD ST. E – UNIT 15

Name Submissions For Memorial Tournaments

To honour the memory of our members who have passed away, the Executive is acceping submissions for the naming of the two Memorial Tournaments held each season in October.

The two tournaments are divided based on divisions and any names submitted should reflect which division(s) that the member played the most in.

This season, the John McGregor Memorial was held for the Premier to 3rd Dvisions and the Dave Owen Memorial was held for the 4th and 5th Divisions.

When submitting names for consideration, please include a brief history, reason for submitting, division(s) the member played in and the correct spelling of the name.

Please submit names by email to the Web Admin/Scorekeeper

Reminder To All League Members

In order to get the league discount at Sanders Recreation & Fitness, you must show your current league discount card.

League discount cards are included in the Captain’s package handed out at the beginning of each season.

If you do not have a card, contact the Secretary. 

LDMDL members receive 13% discount.

Non-League Darts

Check below the details.

Blind Draw Doubles

Meat Darts Blind Draw Doubles

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