2019 - 2021 EXECUTIVE

The Role of the Scorekeeper/Web-Admin (2 year term)

The Scorekeeper/Web-Admin is responsible for keeping and maintaining all records relating to both the Team and Singles leagues standings as well as maintaining and updating the League website and Facebook page.
He is also responsible for creating the schedules for both the Team and Singles leagues at the beginning of each season.

The Scorekeeper/Web-Admin is expected to have intermediate to expert computer skills as well as a working knowledge of spreadsheet and document editing software as well as web page design/editing software.

Andrew Ferguson

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Web Admin


Current team: "Whiskey Business" in the 3rd Divison-B (formerly 16 Game-B).

Andrew joined the League in 1995 and was elected to the position of Director in 2011. He was asked to assume the vacant position of Scorekeeper/Web-Admin later that same year and then was elected to the position in 2013 and has been re-elected to the postition consectivley since.

Andrew has been involved in the running of non LDMDL dart leagues; played a key role in the development of the Singles League and has fielded a successful team of mostly new players to the League. During his term, he has implemented improvements to the League website and has increased the League's worldwide presence with the creation of the LDMDL Facebook page.