Financial Review Committee

The Financial Review Committee’s role is to oversee the financial aspects of the LDMDL.
The Committee will meet with the Treasurer at a mutually available time and date and will be able to view all the documentation available at that time. This can be done over the dart season as the year goes on so that the chore is not too great at the end of the year.

Reports are done yearly but the Executive are trying to establish a bi-yearly or quarterly reporting timeline so the Financial Review Committee can go through the reports more quickly and efficiently.

The Committee will, at their discretion, review the Treasurer’s report, receipts, and other financial paperwork. They are to report to the Executive with their findings and are responsible to the membership to oversee the financial dealings and paperwork associated with the position of Treasurer. They are to present their findings good or faulty to the League Executive and the report will be made available to the general membership at the Annual General Meeting. They will report that the financial report is in good standing or make recommendations to the maintenance or reporting of financial matters.

The Committee members must be committed to the position for the dart season fiscal year.