General Information
(refer to the Rulebook for full details)

The LDMDL is a non-profit, steel tip darts, men's league tracing its roots back to 1946. A small group of about 20 returning soldiers who, having learned the game while stationed in Britain, created a small house league and began competing against each other at their Legion Hall. Interest quickly grew to include players from other Legion Halls and from that friendly competition, the London and District Men's Dart League (LDMDL) was created.

With its objective to encourage a cordial and cooperative relationship amongst its members and to promote a good image of the game of darts, both in general and within the community; the LDMDL has grown from its humble beginnings to nearly 1000 members and 100 teams of all skill levels and walks of life, playing at venues (Legion Halls, bars, social clubs) throughout the City of London. Every year, the league makes a sizable donation to local charities chosen by the membership.

League Team play currently offers different formats to choose from depending on skill level and competitiveness. In 2012, a Singles League was successfully introduced with 3 formats offering League members more opportunity to compete individually and improve their skill level.

Registration for both the Team and Singles leagues is held every August at a chosen location and registration fees (determined by the Executive annually) for both leagues must be paid at that time. Please see below for the current season fee schedule.

Scheduled season play begins in September and runs until the following May.
Team play is held on Thursdays and Singles play is held on Mondays with the locations to be determined.

Membership in either league entitles that member to vote at the Annual General Meeting (held at the end of the season) and one ticket to the Annual Banquet and Awards ceremony held every year in June. All registered members must be of legal drinking age by the first night of scheduled play and if requested, provide Government identification confirming their age and identifying their gender as male.

Members have the option to register in either the Team or Singles leagues or both.
Registering in only one league requires full fee payment of $45

Current Season Fee Schedule

Either Team or Singles league - $45.00/member
If already a registered member and registering for the other league - $20.00/member
(Total to register in both leagues - $65.00)

**Life Members are not required to pay the Team or Singles registration fees**